Andrew Bates and Kaitlin Mercier Play a Game of Soulmates or Strangers Take the quiz to see who you're more compatible with!

When actors Andrew Bates and Kaitlin Mercier visited our New York office, they challenged us to make a quiz about them.

...So we did. Find out how compatible they are with each other and with you! #challengeaccepted
If you don't have #bffgoals after meeting the new Harrison Ford, we mean Han Solo, we mean Andrew Bates and Ex Machina's Kaitlin Mercier, we'll be dialing 9-1-1 for you. To match their quirky sense of humor, we designed a quiz just for them.

Here's how it works: we had both BFFs write their answer before they showed each other. How can you participate? Answer along with them without cheating. Tally up how many you have in common with Andrew and Kaitlin. If you have more in common (13+), you're soulmates 😍! If you have less than that? Strangers 😔

All we can say is: GOOD LUCK! Jump to the bottom to see how Andrew and Kaitlin did. We'll start with the easy ones: Do you prefer watching film or television? Andrew Bates: Miniseries.
Kaitlin Mercier: Film.

KM: Cheating already?

AB: I know, I'm the worst. But I prefer the format of television because you get to tell so much more of the story, but I get very lost when there are too many episodes and seasons. Do you have regrets? AB: Yes.
KM: Yes.

KM: Sure, some.

AB: It'd be ridiculous to think I don't, but I'm not much of revisitor of regrets.

KM: Exactly. There are some things I regret handling the way that I did but there's no use hyper-focusing on the past. It happened, there's no going back to it, you've got to keep moving forward. Do you believe in God? AB: Yes.
KM: Ummmm.

AB: We're not doing so well on this cheating front, huh.

KM: Look. I believe there's a higher power of some sort, I just don't know about the details.

AB: Fine, fair enough. I mean, I just don't go to Church. I'm much more of a vaguely Catholic human being who's absorbed aspects of several religions, but sure, yes, I believe in God. Do you get jealous easily or often? AB: No.
KM: No.

AB: This was kind of hard actually. I certainly get jealous, but I'm not sure I'd categorize it as often. There are definitely certain people or situations I might get jealous over more easily though.

KM: Definitely depends on the person or situation, too. I get jealous over stupid things, like seeing my friends all hanging out without me while I'm scrolling through Instagram even if I'm away shooting a film. If I'm not there, no one is allowed to have fun. It's a basic rule in my friendships.

AB: She's always getting mad at me so I decided to never have fun again. Would you ever do reality TV? AB: No.
KM: No.

AB: I thought you would say yes.

KM: My name starts with a K so there's gonna be a problem here. Keeping Up with Kaitlin was a working title but as we all know know the Kardashians got in there first. I Am Kait was the next one so my reality show was doomed from the start. That means no, I guess.

AB: I almost said yes but I realized it was more ironic than it was serious. I don't think I'd want anyone to know me that intimately. Do you ever hate-Google other people? AB: No.
KM: Yes.

KM: Absolutely. I like to stew in anger sometimes and the internet helps me out with that.

AB: I'm the opposite here. If I hate you, I don't want to know anything about you.

KM: I also hate-Google myself. I mean, I love myself but I hate what Google has to say about me sometimes.

AB: Meanwhile, I hate to Google you. Google knows less about you than I do.

KM: I hate-Google you when you're doing something rude, like not agreeing with my opinions. Cake or pie? AB: Pie.
KM: Cake.

AB: Forgive me Carrot Cake for I have sinned and betrayed you.

KM: How could you do that to it? Cakes should also have lots of sprinkles on it because I'm 6.

AB: Why would you ever pick cake over pie? Pie is so much more versatile; you can get it savory or sweet, or .. Okay, let's continue this very difficult debate later. Our friendship may be over by tonight. Always late or always early? AB: Always late.
KM: Always late.

KM: Time's a foreign concept in my world sometimes.

AB: I'm chronically late. The concept of time is just very difficult to manage. Oh, you just said that. Get out of my brain.

KM: I'm the chick who's like, "Stuck in traffic, be there soon!" as I'm still in bed wearing an oversized shirt.

AB: I can definitely confirm that about her. I'm usually also still in bed wearing an undersized shirt. Do you hold grudges? AB: Yes.
KM: No.

AB: I try to be less of a grudge holder, but I have to work on it on a daily basis, so it'd be a lie if I said I didn't.

KM: Ask him about the great sandwich debate of 2013.

AB: Oh, you're going to go there?

KM: We went out to eat at this new place that had just opened up in Los Angeles, I was picking out what to get while he was busy fiddling around on his phone so I ordered this sandwich that looked amazing - and it was by the way - and then he lifts his head up and sees that I took the last of that sandwich he also wanted. He'll still make these snide comments like, "Oh, I hope this sandwich you're making now is as amazing as the one you stole from me."

AB: You're damn right I will hold that grudge to the grave. Do you have a secret you haven't told anyone? AB: Yes.
KM: Yes.

KM: Ooh, mysterious.

AB: Wait, what deep dark secrets haven't you told me?

KM: A girl needs to keep an air of mystery around her. Do you identify more with hope or despair? AB: Hope.
KM: Hope. Chaos or calm? AB: Chaos.
KM: Chaos.

KM: It's more fun to be a little chaotic. Do you believe in monogamy? AB: Yes.
KM: Yes.

AB: I mean, I believe in it, but I don't always think it's the only answer.

KM: But if you’ve decided to go that route with another person, you stick to that. Are you a morning or night person? AB: Morning.
KM: Morning.

AB: I don't sleep very much either way so I'm really more of an all day, all night person. I enjoy my morning meditation and yoga though, so I'm going with morning.

KM: It’s all about that morning yoga. Also those morning smoothies. Starting the day like that keeps me centered. Coffee or tea? AB: Tea.
KM: Tea.

AB: It's either Southern or it's a Bates family thing. If anything something goes wrong, the first you do is grab a cup of tea.

KM: There's a burglar! Quick, Andrew! Get the tea!

AB: I've taken out plenty of bad guys with Earl Grey. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? AB: Too cold.
KM: I’m too hot, hot daaaaaamn. Sorry, I had to. But actually I’d also rather be too cold.

AB: I hate the feeling of getting so hot that you want to peel off your skin.

KM: And if you’re too hot, you can just remove some layers. Clothing is usually overrated anyway. Are ghosts real? AB: Yes.
KM: Definitely.

AB: I'm not taking the chance they're not.

KM: I’ve run into a few. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, or Instagram? AB: Snapchat.
KM: Snapchat.

AB: It's such a great social medium. You can do some really creative things on there or just be silly and abuse those filters.

KM: That's like a cardinal Snapchat rule: Thou must abuse thine filters. Never be able to speak again or always have to say everything that is on your mind? AB: Always say everything on my mind.
KM: Yeah, me too.

AB: I enjoy silent retreats, but I would miss the sound of my own voice.

KM: I wouldn't.

AB: How dare you.

KM: You can be the new miming sensation in town or just tweet out all your thoughts and demands.

AB: So, what I do every day? Are you going to survive a zombie apocalypse? AB: No.
KM: Hell no.

AB: Realistically I will try to trap several zombies and study their deterioration, interaction, and hunger, but eventually get careless and get eaten myself.

KM: My death probably looks like this: "Kaitlin, look out, zombies are coming!" "Oh no, where?" and then I turn around to my demise as zombies gnaw on me. Have you ever stolen something? AB: Yes.
KM: Yes.

AB: What did you steal?

KM: Hearts...

AB: Going for the low hanging fruit, aren't you? Take risks or play it safe? AB: Take risks.
KM: Always take risks.

AB: There's no other way to live, in my opinion.

KM: You don't want to look back at your life and wish you'd taken more risks. How often do you hear, "I'm so glad I played it so safe throughout my life!" Die old in bed uneventfully or die young in a dramatic way? AB: Die young.
KM: Die young.

AB: Uneventful is such a terrible word to me. I'll go for dramatic; what can I say? I'm an actor. I enjoy attention. Do you like strangers? AB: Yes.
KM: Yes.

KM: If they have candy.

AB: She was often abducted as a child.

KM: It's a wonder how I've made it to 27. Do you believe in soulmates? AB: No.
KM: No.

AB: I think you can find many people in your life throughout the years who fulfill certain pieces of you. I don't believe that any one person and one person alone is your perfect match.

KM: When you put too much faith in that idea, you probably miss out on opportunities and end up questioning everything you have.

AB: Is this going to ruin the quiz?

KM: Hopefully we're strangers then.

For those of you keeping count, Andrew and Kaitlin have 20 in common, making them... drumroll, please!


But who was really surprised? Even if they don't believe in it, we know.